HEVREH: A Community of Adult Jewish Learners

A Community of Adult Jewish Learners

Testimonials from Participants in the 2016 Hevreh Gathering


Wish it could have been longer!

A rare opportunity to spend five days immersed in learning, praying, singing, dining, and socializing with Reform and Reconstructionist scholars. Highly recommended. 

Hevreh is an intensive, but not an overwhelmingly intense, experience where I found myself constantly engaged, completely relaxed and at peace among strangers who quickly became friends.

A wonderful retreat -- great presenters, friendly helpful staff, interesting programs, good food, nice venue!

Incredible teachers! Inspiring worship! Great location!  Hevreh was awesome. Can't wait for Hevreh 3 in 2017!!!!

The instructors and learning experiences were so good.  And, the after hours discussion and "friend making" were just as good and important.

Hevreh is a unique opportunity to learn with some of the finest Judaic teachers in the country while building community with other Reconstructionist and Reform Jews in a beautiful setting.  It is a "time out" from our busy day to day lives and experience the Divine in the world, one another, and ourselves.

The Hevreh gathering was in a beautiful setting at Capital Camps, and included rigorous classes, fantastic teachers, interesting lectures, uplifting prayer, all with a committed group of wonderful people.  

Hevreh provides food for my soul to light my way into the new year.

Hevrah is a wonderful opportunity to meet with other Jews and engage in meaningful conversations that arise from the study of Jewish texts.

Hevreh is intellectually and spiritually fulfilling.  We find a community of caring, knowledgeable people who are interested in sharing and learning at the same event.

The passion and depth of knowledge of the Hevreh organizers and presenters was matched only by the enthusiasm of my fellow students. A wonderful opportunity for learning and renewal.

Hevreh has strengthened my connection to Judaism by great learning, joyous prayer and a wonderful, caring community.